"Beth Scorzato worked with me on multiple books, first as a research and editorial assistant, and then as a lead editor. Her research was accurate and thorough and her editorial notes helped me elevate each of my manuscripts to a higher level. She knows how to diagnose problems with voice, plot, world-building, and characterization and then convey those issues to the writer in notes that are encouraging and easy to understand. Without a doubt, Beth is one of the best editors I've ever worked with. I highly recommend her."


"Beth has been my editor on multiple comic and TV scripts and I will continue to rely on her for as long as possible. As a proofreader and a second pair of eyes, her attention to detail is fantastic and impressive. She routinely finds errors that several other readers have missed. She’s also an invaluable creative collaborator. Her feedback regarding story and character is informed and thoughtful. After every conversation, I’m excited and energized by her insights, the discoveries we made and solution we came up with. She’s a good, smart, funny person who knows her craft. Every one of my projects have benefited from working with Beth."